20 Ekim 2013 Pazar

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ZARA 2013/14 Fall / Winter Collection
    We live in the world of fashion these days, the hottest days of the summer months has already debuted in the Autumn-Winter season . Reductions began to take place last found almost everywhere , and you're seeing new collections . Here's the world-famous Zara 's Fall-Winter collections of the first images released. Woman and two separate catalogs published TRF patterns draws attention to the brand's collection . Lumberjack shirts, diamond , square and flower patterns stand out. It also continues leopard winter unshakable throne . Slaughter line, emphasizing the masculine waist coat and trousers is also remarkable.
Zara dress skirt jacket models karşımzıda 2013 2014 season . zara 2014 autumn winter clothes the day came and released models . in us women would prefer the cold days of winter and autumn dress skirt models of membrane carrying our blog . zara dress 2014 fashion with great modelleir you.

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